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Fresher, healthier, and easier on the budget.

Our dedicated service for hotels, restaurant, and food manufacturers, allows our clients to take advantage of all the benefits of having their own hydroponic farm.

Together, Greener Crop and CropBox count dozens of hotels and restaurants among their clients, ranging from luxury island resorts, to neighborhood burger joints.

The benefits of hydroponic farming for hotel & restaurant operators

Fresher & healthier produce

  • Hydroponic produce receive the exact amount of nutrients, light, and water they require to develop full flavors

  • Harvested just a short distance from the hotel, our fruits & vegetables retain their full nutritional content

  • All crops are grown chemical and pesticide free

Lower food costs

  • Together with the hotel team, we determine which crops we can grow at prices that are lower than market rates, to unlock significant savings in procurement costs

  • Due to the higher shelf life of locally grown produce, less food is thrown away before it is used

Specialized vegetables and herbs:

  • Our farms offer the opportunity to grow produce which is often not available locally, such as: chard, red kale, summer savory, stevia, lemon balm, and many more

  • In addition, we can work together with chefs to enhance the flavors of the crops grown in our farms

Marketing impact


  • The share of travelers and diners making their decisions based on sustainability is increasing rapidly

  • A “backyard farm” is a great talking and selling point for any hotel and highlights their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, encourage organic and local produce, and to put quality ingredients above cost savings

Our offer for hotels & restaurants includes:

  • Hydroponic farm with options for the growth of leafy greens, micro greens, or strawberries

  • With harvests ever 4-6 weeks, we can decide which crops to grow based on seasonality, occupancy, and potential cost savings

  • Crop production costs include all costs for electricity, water, nutrients, seeds, growing medium, labor, packaging, transport, and farm management

  • Farms can be placed at client location or on a nearby Greener Crop site

The process:

Once the order is placed, farming operation commences within 12 weeks and the first harvest is expected within 7 weeks of launch.

On average, our clients recover the cost of the farm within two years, through savings in procurement costs of over 50%.


Contact us to find out more.

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