Your venture into agriculture starts here. 

Greener Crop offers clients the unique opportunity to purchase a share of a hydroponic container farm across the Middle East.

You have the choice between farms producing leafy greens, micro greens, strawberries, or mushrooms, with farm shares available across the Middle East.

Our farm shares are a tangible investment into sustainable agriculture.

How does it work?

Step 1: You select the farm you want to invest in

You can choose your farm based on type of produce (leafy greens, micro greens, strawberries, or mushrooms), and location of the farm.

Returns on investment depend on both of these factors, with projected revenues and profits available for each farm.

cropbox hydroponic container farm

Step 2: The farm is ordered, shipped, and set up

Once the farm is fully financed (by up to 8 investors), the farm is manufactured by our partner CropBox in the U.S., shipped to the location and set up for operations.

The timeline for shipping and setup depends on the location and varies between 8-12 weeks.

Step 3: The farming begins

Farm operations begin as soon as the farm is set up and connected. By using the data gathered by our engineering team, our farm operations team are able to optimize the farm & seed performance, and develop a growing strategy that allows us to take advantage of the highest market prices for our crops.

All shared farms are placed on a Greener Crop farming site, which is open to investors, and are operated by a team of operations managers and farm hands, with back-office support from agricultural engineers and data scientists. These central sites allow us to reduce the costs for utilities, labor and transport, thereby further increasing the profit margins.

lettuce inside a cropbox hydroponic container farm

Step 4: Harvesting & selling

Based on the type of crops we grow, the crops are harvested every 5-8 weeks.

The Greener Crop team handles the harvest, packages the produce, and transports it to our network of buyers, which include hotels, restaurants, food manufacturers, and organic groceries.

a chef inside a cropbox hydroponic container farm

Step 5: Returning the investment

During all stages of the crop cycle, you have full visibility on what Greener Crop is doing with your farm - which crops are we growing, when are we harvesting, who are we selling to, and at which prices are we selling our produce.

After the costs for utilities, growing supplies, labor and the Greener Crop farm management fees have been deducted, the profits from the crop cycle are paid out to the farm's owners.

In summary, you receive a cheque from us every 5-8 weeks, for as long as you own a share in that farm - for the lifetime of the farm (approx. 10 years).


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