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Greener Crop’s mission is to transform how we source food, and to eliminate the need for pesticides, water wastage, and high CO2 emissions.


We do this by providing our clients with the technology and support to operate successful, and profitable hydroponic farms, and produce organic, nutrient rich, locally grown fruits & vegetables.

Greener Crop can help you:


Identify and buy the right farm for your needs

With prices starting from $79,500 for a hydroponic container farm, your choice of farm depends on your budget, and your business goals. We also offer modular farms for large scale crop production.


Develop the right growing strategy, and even run the farm for you

Whether you are a private individual, a HoReCa professional, a food manufacturer, or anyone else with a passion for healthy & fresh produce, we can develop a growing strategy to either maximize profits or minimize food procurement costs. With full farm management services available, you can rely on us to run the farm for you.


Produce organic crops for hotels, restaurants, and food producers

We understand what hotels, restaurants, and food manufacturers are looking for and we use our farms to produce the highest quality produce for these clients. For our private clients, we provide access to our network of buyers, so you never have to worry about who to sell your crops to.

At Greener Crop, we put our farmers first. The services we offer provide even inexperienced farmers with an edge in the competitive agriculture space.


Data to power our farmer's decisions:

  • Seed performance database

  • Yield performance benchmarking

  • Input price transparency


Seeds & nutrients that perform:

  • Locally stored seeds, nutrients and growth medium

  • Transparent pricing

  • Carefully chosen to meet farmers requirements


Boots on the ground:

  • Services offered from farm maintenance to full farm management

  • Fixed prices

  • Strategy adjusted to farmer's targets


Marketing, negotiation, and sales:

  • Agreements with crop buyers negotiated on behalf of farmers

  • Harvest, packaging, and transport managed by Greener Crop

You can decide how involved you want to be in your farm's daily operation.

When you take a step back, Greener Crop takes over.

Our container farms

Greener Crop is the official distributor of Crop Box container farms in the Middle East. With 7 years of experience in the development and production of hydroponic container farms, Crop Box farms lead the market in terms of yield per container and offer the most competitive prices, starting from $79,500.


Fully operational farm in 24 sqm

Grow the equivalent of an acre of conventional field agriculture in only 24 square meters.

Our container farms are customizable according to your crop preference and are shipped ready to plug-and-farm.


Maximum efficiency

Greener Crop container farms allow up to 8 crop cycles per year, while using 90% less water and absolutely zero pesticides. 

Grow up to 3,550 plants per cycle, with possible plants including lettuce, tomato, kale, basil, zucchini, parsley, chillies, cilantro, medicinal herbs, and many more.


Full remote control

Monitor and adjust every element of the growing system from a tablet or smartphone, including lighting, CO2, Nutrients, PH, Air Temperature, Humidity, Fans, Water Temperature, Water Flow, Water Levels and Root Zone Temperature. Includes a Webcam, so you may view your crops from anywhere in the world.

Explore other ways to benefit


Develop your land while generating income

With a foot print of 24 square meters, our container farms can be placed and operated in even the smallest spaces.

Take advantage of your existing land, or invest in plots of land that were previously considered too small to be an attractive investment.


Invest with others and own a share of a farm

Greener Crop offers smaller investors the opportunity to collectively invest a minimum 10% of the farm value and take advantage of 20% return on investment over 2 years.

An investment in a Greener Crop farm is an investment in a tangible, revenue generating asset that you can visit and even taste!

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