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Greener Crop offer existing and potential farmers training courses and seminars to learn more about hydroponic farm management.

Whether you are looking for onsite training for you & your staff, or for theoretical training on hydroponics, we can prepare training modules based on your needs.

Next seminar: Sunday 13th June in Dubai​

Onsite training:

If you are looking to launch your own hydroponic farm, or want to improve your team's skills and expertise, Greener Crop can provide onsite trainings for a range of subjects.


  • Flexible training solutions for you and your team by a highly experienced agricultural engineer

  • Training programs from two weeks up to 3 months

  • Training modules are fully customizable as per your requirements


Greener Crop offers four day hydroponic farming seminars hosted in Dubai.

  • Seminars for up to 20 people

  • Training schedule includes: detailed introduction to hydroponic technology, market dynamics & farm economics, farm management, as well as government support and regulations in the UAE

  • Each seminar also includes two visits to hydroponic farms in Dubai & Sharjah

  • All training materials are provided by Greener Crop

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