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Our vision is to reduce food-transport-related CO2 emissions, eradicate food deserts, and reduce water consumption & the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. 

Our mission is to achieve this by enabling the profitable operation of hydroponic farms through our farm management services.


At Greener Crop, we believe in nurturing and growing every team member's inherent strengths, instead of redirecting their energy into areas they are less passionate about.

Greener Crop's team is rapidly expanding, and we have learned one thing: passion beats experience. The hydroponic farming sector is advancing at a speed that will only allow those willing to learn and adapt to be successful. 

Our clients expect us to do one thing perfectly - and everything else exceptionally well. While farming is our core service, analyzing farm data, marketing crops, and managing supply chains are the ancillary services that make Greener Crop's farm management unique.

We are looking for candidates to help us grow. Grow in capability, grow in revenue, grow in presence, and grow responsibly. 

If you are passionate about enabling new ways to grow fresh and healthy produce locally, we would love to meet you.


Flexible working hours: Avoid the busy hours at the gym or the grocery store. Have lunch with your family. Take a class.
Relaxed and well-rounded employees are more fun to work with.


Work remotely: Or don't. Work wherever you feel more productive. In a Greener Crop office, a cafe, or from home.

Free online courses: We believe in upskilling employees, not hiring above them. Greener Crop sponsors Coursera courses for all our employees, as long as they're relevant to what we do.

Maternity & paternity leave: Nothing is more important than family. Regardless of country-specific regulations, all employees can take leave to tend to their newborns. 

Free health insurance: All our employees receive comprehensive health insurance 

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