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Climate screens in greenhouse



Validate your assumptions and attract investors with an independently commissioned feasibility study and business plan. Take advantage of our team's unique expertise in operating farms across multiple continents and start your adventure in agriculture with confidence.


With countless farm manufacturers to choose from and all of them claiming to have the best technology, finding the right supplier for your needs can be a challenge. Greener Crop's  farm design service will help you narrow down your choices and present you with the most relevant options, the specific advantages and disadvantages, and how the costs will impact your ROI. 


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Greener Crop has partnered with Agritecture, a world-leading AgTech advisory firm, to offer our clients access to advanced farm design and business modeling tools.

Farm studies can be created and shared using the Agritecture Designer, giving clients full transparency and visibility into the feasibility study process.

Hydroponic greenhouse


In countries with abundant sunlight, greenhouse farms are a cost-efficient way to grow crops at a large scale. 

Greenhouse farms are particularly suited to grow tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, along with leafy greens.

Indoor Hydroponic farm


By using artificial lights, indoor vertical farms can significantly increase the crop yield per square meter.

These farms are by far the most space efficient way to grow crops at large scale, and can be set up inside warehouses, hangars, malls, and retail spaces. 

Hydroponic fodder system


Hydroponic fodder farms present a highly productive and efficient way to grow animal feed using a fraction of the water and land otherwise used in conventional farming.

Green fodder from barley and corn, as well as alfalfa and Rhodes grass grown in hydroponic farms can be fed to horses, beef and dairy cows, sheep, and other livestock.


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