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Major Food Manufacturers & Retailers Invest in Sustainable Farming! 🌱

PepsiCo, General Mills, Danone, Whole Foods Market, and Walmart are paving the way by supporting sustainable agriculture transformation across millions of acres.

- PepsiCo: Partnership with organizations to affect over 3M acres of U.S. farmland.

- General Mills: Collaboration with American Farmland Trust and investments in farms like Organic Valley.

- Danone: Aiming for all suppliers to adopt regenerative practices by 2030 with investments in Stonyfield Organic & Horizon Organic.

- Whole Foods Market Foods: Targeting 50% produce from regenerative sources by 2030 and backing farms such as Full Belly Farm.

- Walmart: Investing in controlled environment farms while also supporting farms like White Oak Pastures and advocating for regenerative practices among suppliers.

Greener Crop supports companies in designing, investing, and operating sustainable and regenerative farms globally. Let's champion a sustainable future together! 🌍



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