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Agritecture & Greener Crop Partner To Expand CEA Services Throughout The US & GCC

“Greener Crop is proud to announce our partnership with AgTech advisory firm Agritecture. Henry Gordon-Smith and the Agritecture team have a decade of experience consulting innovative agriculture projects worldwide. From integrated urban greenhouse farms to commercial indoor vertical farms, clients of all sizes draw upon their design and feasibility studies expertise.

Agritecture’s design solution integrates seamlessly into Greener Crop’s Farming-As-A-Service model. It has never been easier to plan a farm, develop a business model, and start farming. Our clients will benefit from the unique functions of the Agritecture Designer app during the design stage of their journey. As the farm is built, Greener Crop will support the development of a crop strategy, the procurement of growing supplies, and finally, the operation of the ready farm.

This partnership is fully aligned with our mission of enabling the deployment of hydroponic farms across the United States and the Middle East.


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