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Boosting Beef Production In Iraq Through Hydroponic Fodder Systems

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Greener Crop, in partnership with USAID recently completed a project in Iraq, to enhance the production of beef cattle by using hydroponic fodder systems.

The client, a startup based outside of Mosul, had identified the opportunity to supplement locally sourced grains and hay with fresh hydroponic fodder.

Beef Cattle

Greener Crop was tasked with aiding the development of a hydroponic system using locally available materials, optimizing the fodder production within the farm, developing operating procedures, as well as a feeding plan.

Over a period of three months, our team worked on improving the airflow within the farm to prevent mold, implemented biosecurity measures, designed best operational practices to boost yield, trained the client on data collection and analysis, and finally created a feeding calculator to account for the nutritional requirements of beef cattle by age, gender, and stage of production.

Hydroponic fodder system

We want to thank USAID and Berytech for the opportunity, and Maria Achkar, Gabriel Al Ghazal, and Melissa Haidar from Greener Crop for their hard work & dedication!


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