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The role of hydroponics in conventional agriculture

Almost every farmer and livestock producer has the same three concerns:

1) How to reconcile lower prices, and growing demand with stricter government regulations

2) How to adapt their operations to changing weather patterns

3) How to provide the next generation with an opportunity to continue operating the farm

Hydroponic farms have the potential to help growers cope with these problems by:

1) Diversifying their operations and growing vegetables for the local market

2) Reducing the dependence on weather & seasonality by growing inside a greenhouse

3) Creating a profitable side-business to bring back the next generation

Hydroponic farming can't replace conventional agriculture. But it could aid in fortifying local supply chains, reducing transport-related emissions, and supporting farmers to continue innovating and feeding our planet.

Aquaponic farm in Illinois owned an operated by row-crop farmer Steve Koss.


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