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Why is farm-to-table so popular?

Generally, food travels long distances to reach our plates. Fruits and vegetables are often harvested before they are ripe or they are frozen to increase the shelf life. All this results in less taste and lower nutritional values.

Despite the concept being used in the U.S. since 1970s/ 1980s (with some sources quoting even earlier dates), farm-to-table has only become a real trend worldwide in the past 5 years. With the world suffering from a number of challenges including climate change, water scarcity, rise in population and subsequent increase of food demand, implementation of farm-to-table practices is becoming increasingly important.

One of the ways to contribute to the farm-to-table practices is by supporting the growth of hydroponic farming. At Greener Crop, we share the philosophy of the movement and strive to:

  • Produce local fruits and vegetables; this helps increase shelf live and decrease negative impacts on the environment caused by transportation and excessive use of water for irrigation

  • Maintain the nutritious values of the produce; it was found that fruits & vegetables loose 30% of their nutritional value within 3 days from harvest

  • Contribute to enhancing countries’ food security and lessen reliance on imports


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